VDI-certified specialist for drinking water hygiene (state examined)
Specialist for cement screeds (certified specialist)
Certified specialist for the assessment, handling and removal
of asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519 (state examined)
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Beautiful appearance – hard wearing
Roofs are the most important protection for any building, anyone who has ever had a leaky roof in the rain, can empathise with this! A properly installed and well maintained roof protects us from all forces of nature.

We are roofing specialists in:
  • Construction;
  • Modernisation/Renovation;
  • Expansion;
  • (Storm) loss intervention;
  • Repairs;
  • Maintenance;
  • Combating pests;
  • Terrace waterproofing;
  • and Sheet metal work of all kinds.
We use natural and fibre cement slates, common roof tiles, as well as traditional roofing tiles such as Coppi-brick, better known to us as "monk-nun-brick".

Energy saving insulation materials are carefully selected according to individual requirements. We pay special attention to all the materials we use in relation to impact on health, sustainability and durability.

Wood Contruction.
House extensions are often only possible with intuitive wood constructions. Building with wood has not only an ecological advantage over other building materials, but is also suitable for rapid assembly and dry building structure prefabrication.
Reliable Craftmanship.
hrough high quality in both our construction and materials, we ensure our customers a risk-free build project. As in all areas of our business, you can expect our detailed and expert advice.

With our larger projects, we work in close collaboration with roofing and carpentry experts, together with wood construction engineers, ensuring a smooth team work environment resulting in high quality results. High performance machinery also makes difficult projects possible.