VDI-certified specialist for drinking water hygiene (state examined)
Specialist for cement screeds (certified specialist)
Certified specialist for the assessment, handling and removal
of asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519 (state examined)
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Real Estate

Apartments or homes that are not fitted with the latest in state of the art fixtures and fittings, often suffer from lower sales proceeds of up to 30%. Basic optical enhancement, modernisation of technical equipment, insulation measures, or the replacement of windows, can achieve not only higher prices but also increase the sale times considerably. As a result, significantly higher profit margins are achievable.
With our customised solutions, and our unique and extensive consultation, we have had many real estate agents and affiliated companies from within the real estate industry as customers.

"Win-win" situation for vendors and brokers
Obtain a higher selling price - increase profit - lower labour costs - faster sale
Utilise our customised services to your advantage:
  • Enhancement of facades by painting, plaster work, accessories, wrought iron design objects, plantings, and effective lighting
  • Making necessary repairs to plaster and masonry
  • Electrical, plumbing and heating installations
  • Preparation and enhancement of existing green areas, paths, gardens, parks, landscaping of all kinds
  • Provision of art objects such as metal sculptures
  • Alterations and improvements in rental / lease or office and commercial space
  • Technical assistance for holiday homes including frost damage and burglary prevention, landscaping, and building maintenance

Recommend us to your holiday home clients. With La Casa, we offer your customers a full-service business in one. Smooth operations and project coordination of various trades lessen the worries of your customers and make purchasing decisions easier.
From simple alterations to complete renovations - with us, you and your customers will always have the right partner on your side.