VDI-certified specialist for drinking water hygiene (state examined)
Specialist for cement screeds (certified specialist)
Certified specialist for the assessment, handling and removal
of asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519 (state examined)
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As safe as houses... Our strength lies in comprehensive, personalised and professional advice.
Timely maintenance and modernisation ensures the value of your property, and saves unnecessary future costs. Over the years, your home requirements and demands of everyday living change. The benefits of a modernisation, expansion or renovation, can make life and living in your current home more enjoyable.
From simple alterations to a complete renovation - with La Casa, you will always have the right partner at your side.

Risk Free Extensions and Renovations:
Roof or basement extensions, removal of internal walls, home renovation, or conservatory additions – these home improvements and many more are all available within our range of services.
We understand how important it is to maintain the value of a building, and therefore provide monitoring systems on an individual basis to prevent costly repairs, damages and associated hassles.

We have developed the following monitoring concepts based on our experience:
  • Winterproof Building and Technology
  • Carrying out regular roof inspections
  • Post storm check-ups
  • Monitoring of wear and tear in high use areas
  • Carrying out “Spring Checks”

We care about what’s important to you.
We are fast to act on building insurance claims such as storm and water damage, and will correspond with your insurer and provide you with a neutral assessment of damages.