VDI-certified specialist for drinking water hygiene (state examined)
Specialist for cement screeds (certified specialist)
Certified specialist for the assessment, handling and removal
of asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519 (state examined)
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A room for the senses...
A bathroom is far more than just it’s purely functional and hygienic aspects, it can also be a place of peace and reflection - a projection of our needs, desires and dreams.
Design follows function.
Our varying concepts for Wellbeing areas focus on functional requirements, defined by equipment, style and usage. Whether country manor house, city chic, minimalist or classic design, we have ideas to suit every taste and budget.
We carry out in-house all trades such as plumbing and heating installations, tiling, carpentry, dry-walling and painting.

All sanitary installations, like all other divisions, are carried out within strict health and safety regulations and adhere to current legislation. We are registered as certified specialists for hygienic drinking water installations.