VDI-certified specialist for drinking water hygiene (state examined)
Specialist for cement screeds (certified specialist)
Certified specialist for the assessment, handling and removal
of asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519 (state examined)
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Markus Heep
artisanal acting owner
Year 1977
born in Siegburg / Germany

A little bit about La Casa...
Markus Heep, Owner
Born in 1977 in Siegburg, Germany
“Akademie des Handwerks” Craftmanship Degree in Business Economics
Ongoing training and further education in the construction sector
Established La Casa in 2003

  • Utilising craftsmanship and technical skills
  • Overseeing and coordinating all companies involved in project
  • Implementation of strategic projects
  • Provision of advice, documentation, and risk analyses in relation to insurance claims
  • Intervention Management
  • Personnel and logistics planning
  • Handling customs and official documentation for any international transfers of building materials, interior furnishings, design pieces and/or artworks
  • International correspondence
  • Project-based conformance testing to relevant international requirements and standards

Professional qualifications